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SmartVac has been designed from the ground up to be the most advanced single axle hydrovac truck on the market. Below you will find some of the most innovative features on the SmartVac.

Revolutionary SmartTank


The steel tank on the SmartVac is class leading in:

  • Capacity

  • Strength

  • Weight

  • Simplicity


The SmartTank combines water and debris into one vessel, which makes our truck shorter and more maneuverable. The SmartTank also eliminates the need to tilt the tank to empty the debris. Simply open the door and the mud shoots right out. The typical dump takes less than 10 seconds. By eliminating the need to tilt the tank we have saved, cost, weight, and unnecessary features that can cause problems. 

Ultra Quiet Operation


The SmartVac is designed to operate in urban environments where it might disturb people around it. For that reason the SmartVac has a lot of technology to make it the quietest heavy duty hydrovac on the market. The truck runs at 84dBA where the operator stands. To get this quiet we used the same acoustic technology they use on industrial pipeline compressor stations to keep the noise from escaping the buildings. 

Lightweight Construction Using Aluminum


The SmartVac is road legal even when it is fully loaded. 4 x 4 model is 11,000 KG Ready to Work.


The heavier your truck, the smaller your payload. Most hydrovac trucks on the market are so heavy that they are only road legal when they are less than half full. Every component on the SmartVac has been optimized for strength and weight. A combination of clever engineering and clever materials have gotten us to rock bottom weight. The SmartVac uses a lot of aluminum, and components such as our tank have been rigorously engineered to remain strong while using much lighter materials.

Drive it with an ordinary licence


Since the SmartVac is a "two axle motor vehicle" it can be driven in Canada by anyone with a class 5 licence. The only special classification the driver needs is the airbrakes endorsement which is simple to get in most jurisdictions. The laws may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction so check out your local laws. Being able to hire people with an ordinary licence to drive it can really save the owner money.

Big Truck Power


One of the top priorities with the SmartVac was to maximize power. More power means you can get the job done easier and sooner. For this reason we selected a vacuum blower that you normally only see in much bigger trucks. Incorporating this big blower into the small package of the SmartVac was a big challenge but it has really paid off. The SmartVac has tremendous suction power, and because of its high efficiency air piping design it sucks even harder than some of the bigger trucks. 

Small Truck Maneuverability


Maintaining urban infrastructure often requires getting into tight spaces. Every hydrovac operator has found spaces they want to get into but can't. The SmartVac's maneuverability saves time by getting into tighter spaces and getting closer to the job that needs to be done. Operators of the SmartVac also tend to have fewer accidents because the truck is so much easier to handle.

Designed on a 4x4 Chassis for Off-Road Capability


The SmartVac can get into all kinds of places that other trucks can't. We designed it to be built on a 4x4 chassis so that it will also get out of those tricky places. Don't worry though, it can still be built on a rear wheel drive chassis. Whichever the customer wants. 

Touch Screen Controls with Wireless Remote


We wanted to make our truck so easy to use that you could send an 18 year old out with almost no training and they would be able to figure it out. To do this we designed controls that feel just like a big iPad. It is dead easy to use. Make no mistake though, it is tough. Our controls are designed to tolerate the harshest Canadian winters and the hottest Texas summers. They are also designed to take a real beating and keep on working. Even though our panel is tough, we still designed the system to be failsafe. There are redundant manual controls that will work even when the digital controls are down. In addition, there is a wireless remote so that you can control vital functions up to 500 feet away from the truck.

Oilpatch Tough


SmartVac Hydrovacs started out as a company that ran vacuum trucks in the Canadian oilfield. In the oilfield you only buy the best, because equipment failures cause downtime which costs thousands of dollars an hour. This is the philosophy we have brought to the SmartVac. We have not cheaped out on a single component on this truck because in our eyes equipment failures are to be avoided at all costs. Wherever possible we only used parts that were tried and tested in the oilpatch. 

Totally Winterized


Most manufacturers leave it to the end user to winterize their trucks. At SmartVac it is done right from the factory. Every SmartVac comes winterized to keep you operating in the coldest and harshest times of the year. This isn't just ordinary winterization either, the winterization features on SmartVac are intelligently programmed, so that they turn on automatically when the truck senses that it is chilly out. This intelligent cold weather system gives the operator less to worry about so they can focus on the job. Of course our customers living in warmer climates can delete this feature to save some money. 

High Efficiency Vacuum System Design


SmartVac combines a high output vacuum blower with ultra efficient air piping design to produce a vacuum system that really sucks. The SmartVac system uses 8 inch piping all the way from the tank to the blower to minimize airflow restriction and slow down the air that is moving through the system. Slower air makes less noise and is also less likely to suck debris out of the tank. In addition we use two oversized filter elements in our system so that the system keeps performing even when the filters start to get plugged. This high efficiency system is much more expensive to produce than a traditional system, but to us it is worth it to make the customer really happy. 

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