The History of SmartVac


SmatVac is a subsidiary of TKS Industries Ltd. that was founded in 2014. TKS Industries is a service company that has been operating vacuum and water trucks in the Alberta Oilfield since 2004. In 2013 TKS Industries decided to open a new division of light hydrovac trucks to service local municipalities and utilities. After an exhaustive search, management concluded that there simply wasn't a good enough truck available in the single axle market to justify purchasing a fleet of them.


This is when the SmartVac project got the green light. The goal was to develop a hydrovac truck that would be substantially more reliable, have a lower operating cost, and be much easier to operate than what was available on the market. We wanted a truck that was so easy to operate that you could send it out with an 18 year old with almost no training. This meant that the truck had to be designed to protect itself from abuse and damage. 


The engineering team went to work and came up with an initial concept that was so innovative and exciting that it quickly gained the support of Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures and the National Research Council of Canada. The City of Lacombe was also interested in the project and agreed to extensively test the prototype truck and give their feedback on how it could be improved to make it the ideal truck for their needs. 


100% of the manufacturing of SmartVac is done right in Lacombe, where our quality control staff can keep an eye on the entire build process. We have an obsession with quality and refuse to provide our customers with anything less than the best. 


Terry Rawn, Founder / HYDROVAC NATION / Calgary, Alberta


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