What is a hydrovac truck?


A hydrovac truck is a digging machine that uses high pressure water to blast apart the ground and a powerful vacuum to suck away the resulting muddy slurry. A hydrovac is the safest and most precise way to dig because it will not damage underground utilities while digging. This means there is minimal risk of the operator getting injured or killed from contacting underground utilities. These machines are very useful for any town, city, or utilities operator or contractor to own.  



What is the SmartVac?


The SmartVac is an advanced single axle hydrovac truck with the power of a large tri-drive truck. Having only one axle allows a person with an ordinary licence to drive the truck in Canada and makes it much more maneuverable. It also reduces the cost of purchasing, operating, and maintaining the truck. Not every job requires a big truck, and many big trucks are so heavy they can't actually haul more than the SmartVac without being over-weight.  


What makes the SmartVac different from other single axle hydrovacs?


The main difference between the SmartVac and other single axle hydrovac trucks comes down to weight and power. The SmartVac is lighter and more powerful than its competitors. This means that it can carry more load while still being road legal, and it can dig faster. How much power difference are we talking? It depends which competitor, but for illustration, let's compare vacuum blowers. Some of our competitors use the Roots 59 URAI blower. This blower needs about 30 horsepower to turn at max speed. The SmartVac's Roots RAM 624 blower needs about 120 horsepower. That's 4 times more power. That's like comparing a 1 liter Ford Focus with a Porsche 911 Turbo.



How durable is the SmartVac?


SmartVac Hydrovacs was born out of a company that runs trucks in the Canadian oilfield, we have 14 years experience actually running vacuum trucks in the oilfield. We have been through many situations where a truck has broken down on the job, and we have had to let our customers down due to factors outside of our control. We know how important it is to have equipment you can trust in the field to get the job done reliably. This experience has led us to build a truck that avoids many of the durability pitfalls that our competitors have. Our experience has taught us what kind of things are going to cause you problems, and when we were designing the truck we considered these areas carefully and in many cases totally rethought the way that things are done. We guarantee minimal to no downtime outside of scheduled maintenance and we stand behind our product with a 5 year warranty on all welding. 


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