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How much money can a SmartVac make me?

The Business Case for a Single Axle Hydrovac Truck

You shouldn't buy a hydrovac truck without a good understanding of how much money it is going to cost you and how much it is going to make you. In case you haven't owned a truck before here is a basic model with pretty realistic assumptions for revenue and costs.


If you have any questions about this model or would like to learn more please give us a call, we have staff that are trained in accounting who would be happy to go through the financial model with you in detail. 

My truck will work:

1 day per week              

(8 hours per week)

2 days per week              

(16 hours per week)

3 days per week              


4 days per week              

(32 hours per week) 

5 days per week

(40 hours per week)

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