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Cool Clean Tech - SmartVac Hydrovac Trucks

Updated: May 3, 2021



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SmartVac has been designed from the ground up to be the most advanced single axle hydrovac truck on the market. Below you will find some of the most innovative features on the SmartVac.

SmartVac has been designed from the ground up to be the most advanced single axle hydrovac truck on the market. Below you will find some of the most innovative features on the SmartVac.

SmartVac has been designed from the ground up to be the most advanced single axle hydrovac truck on the market. Below you will find some of the most innovative features on the SmartVac.

Every oil patch city or municipality needs these Ultra Clean Tech Solution Units

So many applications and services that these versatile units could handle .

What is a Hydrovac truck? A hydrovac truck is a digging machine. Plain and simple. It uses high pressure water to blast apart the ground and a powerful vacuum to suck away the resulting muddy slurry. A hydrovac is the safest and most precise way to dig because the hydrovac, if used correctly, will not damage underground utilities while digging. This means there is minimal risk of the operator getting electrocuted, gassed, or soaked. These machines are very useful for any town or city. If your city doesn't have one you should tell them to consider getting one. What is the SmartVac? The SmartVac is a hydrovac truck that is built on a single axle heavy duty truck chassis. This means there is only one axle at the rear of the truck. Having only one axle allows a person with an ordinary licence to drive the truck and makes the truck a lot more maneuverable. It also reduces the cost of purchasing, operating, and maintaining the truck. That's a win, win, win for those of you keeping track. The big disadvantage to the single axle truck is that it can't carry as much weight. This means that the SmartVac can't dig as much as a really big truck before it's tank gets full. This isn't such a bad thing though, because a lot of jobs only need a small tank. You probably won't want to use the SmartVac to dig a massive pit, but you will want to use it for things like utility locates, trenching, cleaning out catch basins, digging post holes, clearing sewer blockages and things like that. What makes the SmartVac different from other single axle hydrovacs? The main difference between the SmartVac and other single axle hydrovac trucks comes down to weight and power. The SmartVac is lighter and more powerful than most of its competitors. This means that it can carry more load while still being road legal, and it can dig more ground faster. How much power difference are we talking? It depends which competitor, but for illustration, let's compare vacuum blowers. Some of our competitors use the Roots 59 URAI blower. This blower needs about 30 horsepower to turn at max speed. The SmartVac's Roots RAM 624 blower needs about 120 horsepower. That's 4 times more power. That's almost like comparing a 1 liter Ford Focus with a Porsche 911 Turbo. How durable is the SmartVac? SmartVac Hydrovacs was born out of a company that runs trucks in the Canadian oilfield, we have 11 years experience actually running vacuum trucks in the oilfield. We have been through many situations where a truck has broken down on the job, and we have had to let our customers down due to factors outside of our control. We know how important it is to have equipment you can trust in the field to get the job done reliably. This experience has led us to build a truck that avoids many of the durability pitfalls that our competitors have. Our experience has taught us what kind of things are going to cause you problems, and when we were designing the truck we considered these areas carefully and in many cases totally rethought the way that things are done. We guarantee minimal to no downtime outside of scheduled maintenance. If your SmartVac is causing you undue problems we will make it right.

Dig Safe Services Provided by TKS Industries: Hydrovac Service

Trenching Line Locates Utility Exposures Clean-out and debris removal Steaming

SmartVac has been designed from the ground up to be the most advanced single axle hydrovac truck on the market. Below you will find some of the most innovative features on the SmartVac.

Big Truck Power One of the top priorities with the SmartVac was to maximize power. More power means you can get the job done easier and sooner. For this reason we selected a vacuum blower that you normally only see in much bigger trucks. Incorporating this big blower into the small package of the SmartVac was a big challenge but it has really paid off. The SmartVac has tremendous suction power, and because of its high efficiency air piping design it sucks even harder than some of the bigger trucks.

Oilpatch Tough SmartVac Hydrovacs started out as a company that ran vacuum trucks in the Canadian oilfield. In the oilfield you only buy the best, because equipment failures cause downtime which costs thousands of dollars an hour. This is the philosophy we have brought to the SmartVac. We have not cheaped out on a single component on this truck because in our eyes equipment failures are to be avoided at all costs. Wherever possible we only used parts that were tried and tested in the oilpatch.

Revolutionary SmartTank We wanted to do 3 things with the tank on the SmartVac: Maximize capacity and strength Minimize weight Keep it simple What we have created to achieve these goals is the SmartTank. The SmartTank combines water and debris into one vessel, which makes our truck shorter and more maneuverable. The SmartTank also eliminates the need to tilt the tank to empty the debris. Simply open the door and the mud falls right out. The integrated wash system will wash out any leftover material and leave your tank nice and clean. By eliminating the need to tilt the tank we have saved, cost, weight, and unnecessary features that can cause the owner problems.

Ultra Quiet Operation The SmartVac is designed to operate in urban environments where it might disturb people around it. For that reason we put a lot of effort into making the SmartVac the quietest heavy duty hydrovac on the market. The SmartVac is so quiet that if it is operating in the street out front of a residence the occupants probably won't be disturbed as long as their doors and windows are closed. To get this quiet we used the same acoustic technology they use on industrial pipeline compressor stations to keep the noise from escaping the buildings.

Little Truck Maneuverability Maintaining urban infrastructure often requires getting into tight spaces. Every operator who has run our competitors' big dinosaur trucks has found spaces they want to get into but can't. The SmartVac's maneuverability saves time by getting into tighter spaces and getting closer to the job that needs to be done. Operators of the SmartVac also tend to have fewer accidents because the truck is so much easier to handle.

Designed on a 4x4 Chassis for Off-Road Capability The SmartVac can get into all kinds of places that other trucks can't. We designed it to be built on a 4x4 chassis so that it will also get out of those tricky places. Don't worry though, it can still be built on a rear wheel drive chassis. Whichever the customer wants.

Totally Winterized Most manufacturers leave it to the end user to winterize their trucks. At SmartVac it is done right from the factory. Every SmartVac comes winterized to keep you operating in the coldest and harshest times of the year. This isn't just ordinary winterization either, the winterization features on SmartVac are intelligently programmed, so that they turn on automatically when the truck senses that it is chilly out. This intelligent cold weather system gives the operator less to worry about so they can focus on the job. Of course our customers living in warmer climates can delete this feature to save some money.

High Efficiency Vacuum System Design SmartVac combines a high output vacuum blower with ultra efficient air piping design to produce a vacuum system that really sucks. The SmartVac system uses 8 inch piping all the way from the tank to the blower to minimize airflow restriction and slow down the air that is moving through the system. Slower air makes less noise and is also less likely to suck debris out of the tank. In addition we use two oversized filter elements in our system so that the system keeps performing even when the filters start to get plugged. This high efficiency system is much more expensive to produce than a traditional system, but to us it is worth it to make the customer really happy.

SmartVac HydroVac Trucks use PD blower system as opposed to fan systems?

This refers to the type of system the truck uses to create vacuum. Fan systems use one or more big fans to create airflow. A PD blower uses spinning lobes that physically grab pockets of air and force them through the blower to create airflow. The problem with fan systems is that as soon as airflow stops the fan loses suction. This means that if you block off the end of your hose you will lose suction right away. This is a particular problem when you are sucking out sewers or sumps. You burry the hose to take on fluid and then as soon as you burry it you lose suction and productivity stops. PD systems never lose suction, which makes them the favorite system of users. Another problem with fan systems is that if you ever over-fill your tank it will blow that material out the top of the truck and cover the surrounding area. This is a big problem if you are dealing with sewage. Fan systems are common because they are much cheaper to produce.

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