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SmartVac™ is the first sub-compact, lightweight design, built specifically for the urban market. The single axle gives you the most legal debris payload, out of any other competitor. This smart machine leads innovation, can work in tight urban spaces, and perform comparable to many large hydrovac trucks in the market. Built to meet the most demanding safe-digging conditions, SmartVac™ is the answer for the urban eco conscious consumers. The single axle is lighter and more power than most competitors. It is capable of carrying more load while still being road legal, and can dig faster.

Single Axle

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Debris capacity: 4.5 m3

    Water capacity: 3 m3

    Vacuum blower: Roots RAM 624 (USA)

    Max airflow rate: 3200 cfm

    Max pressure: 3000 psi

    Winterize Feature

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