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SmartVac has a unique rental program that is exclusively available to municipalities and other "end users" in the shaded area of Alberta and Saskatchewan. 


The rental program is specifically designed to save the typical end user anywhere from $40-90 per hour over the cost of contracting out hydrovac work. Considering how many hours the typical municipality uses a hydrovac truck, these savings can add up very fast. 


Who will benefit the most?


The biggest benefit will flow to any company or entity that is currently contracting out jobs on a semi regular basis. These users will see an immediate savings of between $40 and $90 per hour in their hydrovaccing costs, while adding additional convenience and flexibility to their operations. 


How it works:


When you are enrolled in the rental program you will take delivery of a fully equipped rental truck that you get to keep in your fleet and use it whenever you want, as if you owned the truck. You will be billed only for the hours that you put on the truck's hour meter. This means that when you do not use the truck it costs you nothing. Rental rates are $130 per hour and there is a minimum monthly charge of $1,500. 


How to enroll:



1. Contact a SmartVac sales rep and have an initial consultation.

2. Pay security deposit on truck.

3. Take delivery of rental truck and receive training from certified SmartVac trainer.

4. Use the truck whenever you need to.

How much will I save? 


This depends on how much you use the truck, and how much you are currently paying for hydrovac services. The graph beside us shows the case when contract service rates are $235/hr. For a full breakdown of these costs click here. 


Another important thing to consider is that the SmartVac is a much more powerful machine than others in its class so it works a lot faster. If the SmartVac can turn a 4 hour job into a 3 hour one, this makes the economics even better than what you see in the graph beside.

SmartVac Rental Program


Special Promotion: Rent to Own


Right now we have a special promotion that applies to all new rental contracts. If you choose to buy a unit that you have been renting, we will apply 65% of your rental payments towards the purchase price of the truck, and we will depreciate the unit by 15% for each year of use. These promotions are limited to a maximum of two years. 

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